Heavy Cream, Punchline, Hectic, Pgm, FH2

I’ve decided that I want to thin out my collection. So here’s everything I have for sale:


PICS:: http://www.flickr.com/photos/coletraine/

Prepro Battosai. Mint besides a few ano defects. Smooth, but the bearing needs a cleaning. $85

Team Edition Wooly Marmot. SMOOOTH. Has a center track. One tiny little ding/flatspot. It breaks the ano, but it’s not easy to feel. It can barely be felt on grinds. $90

Heavy Cream. Metallic Blue. Mint, smooth on the string, and a light vibe on grinds. $50

Blue/Green Punchline. A few dings, but still super smooth with no vibe. $50

Red Small Bearing Hectic. Very light vibe. You can’t feel it while playing though. One light scratch. $25

Cyclon FH2. Has large bearing SPR installed. Dyed army green. Standard plastic vibe, but still an awesome player. $17

White PGM. A couple scratches. Standard plastic vibe. I’ll include the stacks, but they’re not installed currently. $15

i am interested in the wolly marmet il pm u

ill take the pgm pm me please