FT/FS CLYW canvas Wooly Marmot/ YYF

This is my first B/S/T and i don’t have much but here it goes.
Grey 1st run canvas: scuffs all along the throw, no vibe, can feel it spinning, grinds ok, 1 scratch.
Purple with gold splash BvM:couple dings, can not arm grind, no vibe, can not feel it spin, finger grinds great.
Hulk Smash Wooly Marmot: Scratches all around the rims, Worse vibe than any other yoyo i have ever thrown,
Sky blue with silver splash super nova light: few dings, smooth, tiny vibe, good grinds.
Fiesta xx blue: beat, loosing threads, no bearing or pads, still plays ok

WANTS: Orange northstar with no vibe, rock star, bassalope, go big

Every thing is for sale or trade i do cash through the mail
all pics http://m1079.photobucket.com/albums/JordanAbers/?src=www?pbauth=1_uLEBonVPfaLdh1h3YMYz2Zl3%2F%2BNixUWI%2F%2F8ae7AHrdHsvlKGOOcFNCaRrS904SLAWJiSCI7VXlx7VooLEF3rmVsHg8XoT4JpblxieKS1ZKJOLenF9Ip%2BPv%2FVsZzff%2FAtXskphySe929y%2BwXC8U%2BvmZTHGAnSNst%2Byj8T%2BPMI8bI%3D