FS/FT Updated PACKAGE Deal Only (New Summit inside barely thrown)

CLYW x OD Yoyomania colorway Summit for trade or sale individually

This is an all or nothing deal. HOWEVER, I WILL BE WILLING TO BREAK THE PACKAGE FOR MULTIPLE TRADES AND GIVE AND/OR TAKE/GIVE SOME CASH DEPENDING ON THE SITUATION FOR A WOLLY MARMOT 2. I value it at $260. Paypal only. I will consider trades in order to lower the value of the deal then pay the rest with cash, however I’m only looking for my wants which I will list below.

In the package:

2 Dark Green(some say aqua) with gold splash shutter’s
Condition: 1 Mint never thrown. 2. Got some ano burn marks around the rims and one small scratch. Still plays great vibe is minimum to non-existent unless badly thrown. I can email you damage if requested.

1 CZM8 -Yellow or gold(I feel like it’s more gold) with black splash. Smooth has stock YYF bearing. I’ve trhrown this a bit but never dingers or marked it I love it but I have a beat czm8 aleady that plays just as great so I must say good bye to this :(.

1 Inferno edition Dark Magic 2- Can’t believe I’m parting with this but it comes with the 10 ball yyj bearing. Couple marks on the rim ask for pictures and I can send them…Doesn’t affect play at all.

1 Black YYF One Star - Never played before got it as a deal sweetner. Mint no marks.

1 Green N12 Shark’s Honor- Few small dings ask for pictures.

1 Red and yellow alpha crash - Don’t like the play that much pretty stable though for a plastic.axle seems stuck but bearing is still removable with tool or pliers.

1 Black Delrin Severe - Semi beat plays great but I must let it go. I need the money.

1 YOMEGA Prodigy - Black gold and silver splash- looks brnze silverish when spinning. Can take pictures for those hard core spin lovers. Plays great mint except factory ano blur i had to inspect to find this. Plays smooth like buttah. Comes with the stock DIF-E-YO Steel ball bearing. This bearing was cleaned small lube drop and reshielded.

All deals will be read and considered…No low ballers please. Price is negotiable within reason.


Any of these throws in a Mint condition and nice colorway(IMO) will be consider to lower the value of package.

Wolly Marmot 2
Summit (CLYW x OD)

Maybe Bonfire

One Drop

Code 2 (both versions)

Monkeyfinger Caesar

General Yo Model 10

There may be others you may have I don’t know of and might like let me know there’s always google.


someone scoop this up

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bump: updated…I will split the package for trades for my wants.