"HazMat" a new video by Mack Finley AKA:RebelThrow

A short promo video i put together for Evan Evans and Toxic Strings featuring their new yoyo The HazMat.


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Super video, and most excellent song choice. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a ton J-Rod!

Woot! This just got featured on the product page for the Toxic HazMat on YoyoExpert!


Bump :smiley:

toxicity - SOAD awesome … 3a is hard as #&(%&)($#&

Lol, thanks man :wink: Nahhh, it just takes practice, anyone can do it!

… yea right if everyone could do 3a … then you would see it more …

you got skills!!!

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Thanks so much dude :smiley:


Thanks bro! :wink:

thats a really hard to do im starting to do off string thought but i mit learn to do a3 after that!

you totally should!

Major thanks to YoYoSkills.com for including my Toxic Strings “HazMat” video in their “After the Jump Yo-Yo Videos” feature this week.


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I’m currently learning 3a and you are one of my new inspirations!

Wow, thats awesome man thanks so much.
Google search “Drew Tetz 3A For Dummies”
That site helped me alot in the beginning, and still does to this day, lol.

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Little bump, only 40 views away from 1000! :smiley:

It’s over a thousand!

Great job!

thanks! woot