"fr3Ak" a new video by RebelThrow

(Mack) #1

RebelThrow presents, fr3Ak.

Nothing special, just some new things i have been doing.
Someone suggested i make a video for my birthday (Tommorow) so this is what i came up wth. Enjoy!

Yoyos Used: One Drop Yo-Yos GZR CODE2s
Strings Used: Toxic Strings BG-1’s


[b]Sorry Mack. Had to remove the store links per forum rules.



Sick 3a!.. and Happy birthday. :slight_smile:


Awesome vid as usual. Happy DD Birthday brother!

(Mack) #4

Thanks :smiley:

(Mack) #5

Thanks Casey!

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bump ;D


Really enjoyed this video! Looking forward to what you have in store for us.



Happy Birthday!


Yo just don’t see a lot of 3A. Absolutly love the video.

(Mack) #10

Thank you J-Rod! I hope i dont dissapoint! haha

(Mack) #11

Thank You! It was a good one :slight_smile:

(Mack) #12

Im glad people enjoy it, thanks a bunch!


Awesome 3A. I just started 3A and hopefully I’ll eventually be able to do that.

(Mack) #14

Thanks you!
Keep it up, practice makes perfect!


i really enjoyed that. nice choice in music too.


(Mack) #16

Thank you Nick! I always try to pick good music, but my tastes may differ from everyone elses. Im a huge metal fan :smiley:

(UmeNagisa) #17

Guess who else Is a huge Metal fan?
Up top! highfive


Dude that is some great throwing. You’re really good!!!


(Mack) #19


(Mack) #20

Thank you! But i have a long way to go yet ;D