"GreyArea" ANOTHER 3A Video by RebelThrow


I present to you, “GreyArea”. Just when you thought you had enough, yet another RebelThrow production. The final video in the White/Black/Grey trilogy. Some new stuff but mostly messing around and getting some things on camera that i haven’t yet. I apologize in advance for the grainy video, my camera broke and i’m borrowing a friends, getting a go-pro hero2 soon. Yoyos Used: OneDrop CODE1’s String Used: Toxic Strings BG-1 Yellow Jackets

Great video Mack!, also great performance at PNWR. How you liking the pair of Delicious’ you got? I’m thinking about getting a couple myself. Thanks for the 3A tips you gave me at the contest. Been playing alot since then.

Thanks Man! Help me out with a name to go with your screename?
The Delicious’ are tight, i still love my OneDrop Burnsides and CODE1’s a little more though.

My name is Peter, I was the one with long blonde hair and glasses.

Thats right! i met you out front when i was havin a smoke! Nice man!

haha really good again!

Like always . AMAZING!!!

Thanks man :smiley:

Thanks a bunch :smiley:

bump :smiley:

Bump :stuck_out_tongue:

Heck Yeh, 941 views! This puppy will hit 1000 by the end of the day, I imagine.
Crap, i guess i better get to recording another, as per usual. Lots of new trick ideas swirling around in my head, lets see if i can capture them on film. Thanks to everyone who watched and enjoyed it, and go buy some Toxic Strings! Happy Throwing!

Only 10 more views to get this to 1000!
Please give a watch! :smiley: