"BlackVeil" a new yoyo video by Mack Finley aka:RebelThrow

I present to you “BlackVeil”. A few new tricks and ideas, but mostly a “taste” of things to come and a fulfillment of my promise to put a new video out since “whitewashed” hit 1000 views. Playing around with my new backdrop. New 3A tricks, December 2011. Featuring Toxic Strings BG-1 Yellow Jackets and One Drop Yo-Yos Burnsides.


bump :smiley:

‎1 week till regionals, so im bumpin this video back to the top of the feed!
See you all at PNWR!

Nice man. Mad respect for the 3A. That’s stuff is HARD. Very cool and original tricks.

nice stuff man! (even though i hate screamo)

Amazing video! I love the song to.

Thanks you much! :smiley:

Thanks so much!

Thank you, i appreciate it!

Ive always wanted to try 3a it looks so fun and impressive hahah. much respect for this one!!