Have you heard of this yoyo?


One of my students had a yoyo that belonged to his father. It was made of two, almost flat, discs. It was Navy blue with the head of a bald eagle drawn in orange. Yoyo professional was written in white around the eagle. Have you seen a yoyo like this?

(Johnny T) #2

A Sunset Trajectory?


Yep, a Sunset Trajectory.

Used for Looping.

(Mark) #4

It’s by Yoyojam!


It doesn’t look like the Sunset Trajectory I have. It’s pretty old. And it is quite plain compared to the Trajectory I have.


??? ???


Found it! :smiley:

(Johnny T) #8


4 of us FAILED!!

C-c-c Combo Breaker.  :smiley:


Great find Kim-Lan!


That’s it, Kim-Lan! Now I remember the wings. I thought it was a Duncan.


she’s too smart



I used to have one of those… but lost it. :-\