Have you found any yoyos at thrift stores, garage sales, etc.?


I want to see if anyone has found some throws at thrift store, garage sales, side of the road, dumpster, whatever. I found a butterfly at a goodwill once, but I would like to see if the people of YoyoExpert have found anything good. I don’t care if you got a dollar tree yoyo, or a YYR Dazzler, but this would be interesting. Post your finds here!

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I was/am cleaning out a house working for my father’s company and I found:
A “Pro Spinner 1998” brain yoyo, a set of light-up Starwars yoyos(100+ gram fixies), a Exec-yo “For the man with pull…”, and an old super vibey duncan light-up yoyo that runs on “AAA” batteries.
Oh and a year before I started I was out hiking and found a wooden fixie;no string, with geese on the side of it.


I have found a few profly’s and butterflies at some thrift shops near my house.


I was curious about this topic as well. I’ve been to many garage sales and flea markets, and the only yoyo I found was a yomega fireball


A mechanic scheduled a time to give me some “top end” yoyos. I showed him my yoyoficers, and he said they “look exactly like” mine. I’m curious what he has. :slight_smile:

Not a garage sale or thrift shop…


The only yoyos I’ve found were a comic book FAST 201 at a garage sale and a 1970’s Duncan Imperial and a 1970’s Duncan Tournament (something like that, anyways).

Waiting for the day for some mom who’s selling her son’s stuff who went off to college and she marks an OG Peak for $5. ;D


Well, post here what you get here when you get it! I’m curious now too.


Yeah 'cause he’d just forget about that :stuck_out_tongue:


I do know of someone that pawned off their yoyos somehow and it was later picked up by a woman at about $20 a yoyo. Was some pretty nice stuff in there too


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