Hatchet, Kingyostar, Gambit?

I’ve been wondering which throw to save for. I want something like the Triton because of it’s great over-sized shape and its awesome colorways, and the Kingyostar K!T looks great for horizontal. But at the same time, the Gambit looks pretty sick and also appears to be good for horizontal. Does anyone know which one plays the best?

Also, if anyone else has some good recommendations, don’t hesitate to mention those, too. :wink:

Irony JP 2k13

Oversized, smooth, fingerspins are easy, horizontal is easy as well, and a great finish for grinding

I’ve played all of those, including the Irony. ALL are great yoyos. The KYYS was exceptional!

But for me, it’s the Gambit all the way. And if you’re interested in horizontal, it’s easily my best horizontal player.

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Hmm, that’s something to consider. Thanks for that!

Yeah, but I don’t really have much interest in Werrd at the moment.

Werrd is soooooo good, though.

Minute and Pacquiao… two favourite daily players. :smiley: I’d like an Irony but I’m also really keen on the 86400.

The triton is my favorite yoyo ever. The Aftershock is trying to pass it up currently. The Quake is my go to horizontal yoyo, if horizontals are your main factor in this decision.

The Gambit is a nice yoyo. I think you would be fine purchasing it as well. If you like the gambit shape but want something a little more heavy I would look at the burnside as well.

Good luck with your decision :+1:

My main concern isn’t really horizontal, although I do want to start practicing it more. I just want it to be good at horizontal just for insurance in the future. :slight_smile: But my interest is really focused towards the Triton over the Quake. But will the Aftershock be anything similar to the Triton?

Go for the Triton. The yoyo has great reviews and a ton of hype. Just do it!

I may be a bit biased since I make the Gambit but I’ll write about the triton since I own one. Haven’t played a kingyostar so I can’t help on that.

The Gambit is a killer Yoyo. It’s everything you could want in a yoyo: dead smooth, extremely stable, long spinning, great colorways and best of all under $100. It’s on of my favorite yoyos and I’ve heard nothing but good words about it and the reviews are out there as well. If you love an H/V shape and want a great bang for your buck a Gambit is IMO the way too go.

The triton is one of the best organic yoyos I’ve ever played. It’s big, floaty, long spinning and super comfy. Not really good for horizontal because of the shape but it’s awesome for everything else. Plus G2 is a great company to support. It’s the most expensive of the three but it plays great.

It all depends what shape your looking for. The quality is the same with both gambit and G2s being made by the same machinists. Your choice!

Nice. I didn’t know the gambits were made by the best yoyo machine shop in the world too! (One Drop if anyway was wondering who the best was lol)

Triton can handle horizontals well, while the Quake excels at it.

Aftershocks are hard to compare to either the quake or the triton play wise. But it’s based on the quake shape.

Oh i forgot they were made by onedrop lol. I said it wasn’t that good for horizontal not meaning it can’t handle it but for the most parts organics don’t handle horizontal that well especially compared to other shapes.

^ oh, is the gambit foxland machined?

Well, the Gambit appears to be ahead in the poll. I must say, I am very interested in it. I think I have probably ruled out the G2 Triton because I don’t think I can afford it anytime soon.

So its down to either the Gambit or K!T. I have also been looking at the YYO Hatchet a lot, too.

Ok, so I’ve decided to take the Triton off of the poll, and you can read why I did so in my previous post. I replaced the Triton with the Hatchet.

So the voting starts all over again! ::slight_smile: