Has this happened to anyone else?


This has happened multiple times with my 9th run chief. I’m in the middle of a trick an it randomly comes apart. It just happened and got its first scratch. Has this happened to you?


I knew it!!!

I knew it!!!

Fellavader must read this… ( Well… It did hit my hand…)


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When you hear…


…you must stop and grab your yoyo before it’s too late.

It’s happened to the best of us.


Happens to me nonstop. I hate it. poor yoyo!



It’s really annoying…


I’ve heard that putting loctite on some of the threads will solve this although dont quote me it may be what fixes something else.

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Yeah I believe that fixes vibe…

You just have to pay attention; that’s the only way to prevent from happening I think.


It doesnt make the noise. It just quickly comes undone and falls apart


It’s happened to me and my legacy 2 surprisingly it gets annoying at times


This hasn’t happened to me… yet. I have had the tension on my string become so loose the yo-yo slips out of the string. It sucks.


Hehehe, yeah. Thankfully I haven’t broken anything yet like that. My knots have actually come undone and traded paint with the wall (no damage to my yoyo!).

I’ve never had a yoyo come apart on me… I feel like my Token is going to do that though with the exceedingly tiny axle it has.


happened to me a couple times. I hate dings, but I guess this just forces you to confront your fears and get over it


Wow. That was weird. My 9th run chief just did this exact thing yesterday. Luckily I was playing over grass, but it scared the crap out of me. I noticed a weird noise, and then the two halves just flew apart.


I have had that happen only when I tried someone elses yoyo recently and I knew what the noise was so I caught it in time…and once when I was new to yoyoing. I never undertighten the yoyo, witch is the problem here if they come apart.


I have known of some experiencing this problem with some YYJ throws. It’s ever more disappointing to experience this problem with a CLYW product. I’m not confident concluding “under-tightening” can entirely be held culpable. I was at a competition once where a kid’s Cerberus kept spinning apart on him. Many of us took a look at how tight it was when reassembled. That wasn’t the problem. It just gradually became loose from play. Anyone owning a Chief would almost certainly have sufficient experience to know when their yo-yo has been properly tightened to the correct tension. As we all know, over-tightening is very detrimental to metal yo-yos and their axles as well.

If this were to be the experience among YYJ Classic or Duncan Drifter owners one might come to except this foible with acquiescence and just keep an eye out for it becoming loose. CLYW customers have the right to expect better it seems to me. If evidence mounts that other owners of 9th run Chiefs are experiencing this same problem it would be my opinion that it is incumbent upon Caribou Lodge to offer a solution.


Many people think you should tighten any yoyo finger-tight or palm-tight, but you should really tighten it as tight as you possibly can.


Wow this is really bad. Is there a differenece spec wise within this 9th run?


This is contrary to what I have heard in the past. I am not disagreeing with you, just uncertain of which direction I should go now at this fork in the road. I have never experienced any of my throws coming apart on me ever so I’m comfortable with the idea I am tightening my throws to the correct tension. The question arises for me when my practice of tightening which has always worked fine for me is not sufficient for someone else’s throw which continues to come apart in play. (My method or others as well.) Don’t we run the danger of stripping out the axle and yo-yo halves by twisting it past the appropriate point? Of course it is also true it’s probably more difficult for a wimpy little joe such as myself to have the strength to over-tighten in comparison to our bulkier compatriots.

Is it possible different yo-yos require different tensions in tightening sufficently?

I remain unconvinced that the total blame can be placed on incorrectly assembling the yo-yo. Especially when different people try the same throw and it continues to come apart for all. I know I would be greatly disappointed if I paid over $150 for a throw and became uncertain of it’s reliability in play and competition.

This is a good question.


I saw this in Brett Grimes’ video about Side Effects. He said this goes for all One Drop yoyos, because it makes them play better (or so he thinks). I decided to start doing this with my One Drops, as well as my other yoyos, and noticed small improvements in things like spin times, vibe, etc.


The reason he does it with Side Effects is because Side Effects have that little rubber o-ring, and for it to be fully screwed in you need to tighten it more than you think. If you do this with a normal yoyo, you’re begging to strip the axle or the threads in the actual yoyo. Don’t do it.