Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings

Which you like better: Hp or Lotr? Personally I like lotr. Hp was like a friend but lotr is like a best friend

Lord of the Rings wins.

Not even close.


Harry Potter because Emma Watson is attractive.


But also because Harry potter is what I give credit to for me being able to read.

Read all the books/watched all the movies from both series. I love them both, but I’d have to say LoTR.

LOTR by far.

LotR by FAR.

We should be talking about the books, not the movies.

Anyways, I am a huge fan of both.

However, Tolkein made over 20 languages, including Elvish, Khuzdul (Dwarvish), Entish, and other languages with their own grammar and vocabulary. This is all for the well, carefully constructed universe of Lord of the Rings.

And he made more books beyond LotR, like the Silmarillion, that expand upon the LotR.

That shows incredible quality and dedication. This was not just a series, a story. This was a universe that was carefully crafted.

Lord of the Rings wins, in my opinion.

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Although Harry Potter is one of my most beloved book and movie sereis’. Lord of the Rings takes the cake. Tolkein is beyond intelligent, and is one of the greatest men to set foot on this Earth. The depth of those books goes beyond what I am able to comprehend.

LOTR. Tolkien is a better author. Not to mention the sheer vastness of the universe he created. Just amazing.

LotR. J. K. Rowling took many an inspiration from it.

This is not even a discussion. Lord of the Rings.

Am I the only one who knows about “The Children of Hurin”?

we’re not talking about that right now.

Lord of the Rings is better.

Well, TCoH is an expanded version of a story in the Silmarillion.

lol. the LOTR was one of the first chapter books i ever read. that’s funny.

I thought i knew Tolkein…

my brother got me that for Christmas! haven’t started reading it yet.

You really can’t compare Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings… their is no comparison.

Also, Children of Hurin is awesome.