Harrison Lee's new signature yoyo CLYW Orca revealed!

Intriguing design, can’t wait to see how it plays!  :slight_smile:

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interessent curves
Black w/ white splash confirmed?

the bearing is not CT ? is it a new era for clyw ?

Haha, we can only hope!

Bearing has not been CT for some time now. Too many people were moaning about the break-in time for the pre-lubed CTX. It’s why we can’t have nice things.

This yoyo looks interesting (and comfy!)… curious to see the cup and find out the specs!

CLYW has been shipping with flat bearing since earlier this year. Not sure of the reason exactly, I think the first WM2 run was the last run that had CTXs?

Im digging the shape, looks pretty comfortable in the hand.
Im hoping it will be something around 66 grams.

Looks really cool! Love the shape

The diameter appears to be ~53, unlikely to exceed 56
Width is <43
my photoshop broke and measuring off the computer screen doesnt accomplish derp

Ooo, it’s got the “wing-shaped” inner rims like the Puffin 2. That’s some comfy stuff right there.

The profile is somewhat like a shutter, with thicker rims and a smaller diameter.

I personally feel like there’s a subtle nod to the Glacier Express/Cliff in the rim shape too…

I’m pumped!

Something about this shape really pumps me up. After reading kadabrium’s post I realized that the angle of the shot makes the yoyo look a bit wider than it is. Hopefully it’s a bit more than 43mm wide. But still, can wait to see more! How awesome would it be if this thing had a concave cup that worked well with fingerspins? Pretty unlikely given CLYW axle size but hey, I can dream.

agreed! looks like it could be a real promising throw! and just like how everyone else said, it looks like it will feel real good in the hand. I think it looks like one sexy yoyo if you ask me. all we need now is the northern lights colorway and I’m in!! :slight_smile:

I threw the proto at LVOYYC yesterday, the cup has a small nub that’s sort of reminiscent of the bonfire, cool throw though! Harrison is a rad person, can’t wait to score this!! Also really want to see black and white colorway!!!

sho dope

From Chris on Facebook:

and later:

stares at username

stares at yoyo

stares at everybody

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That’s awesome!

Here’s a pic of the cup! Really does resemble the puffin around the edges with a bonfire-esque inner hub area. So excited for this, looks like a ton of fun!