Harper Reed in the Jan 7th issue of Time Magazine!

Dunno if anyone else saw this… but yoyoing’s very own Harper Reed was in Time Magazine. He was featured as part of Obama’s staff (he headed up their social media presence) but he has been a long-time yo-yo player and is also well known as one of the founders of threadless.com

Anyway, it was kinda cool to see his picture there.

Anyone else see this?

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Woah awesome for him!

I Know!

hehe…very nice. i’ll be pickin’ up a copy :slight_smile: thanks adam.



He was actually the Chief Technology Officer for the Obama campaign, which is a HUGE deal. He was in charge of assembling and managing the entire tech team, as well as developing the full digital strategy and infrastructure for the entire campaign. Little more than “social media presence”. :wink:

Are there any vids of him playing?

I was pumped to see this!! We’re taking over the world lol BUMP