harold owens snap trick help.

how do you do it ?

I’m sorry, but I have no idea what trick you’re talking about. Video?

Snap start? Finger snap? Snappy bind?

All you’re really doing is throwing he loop in a circle around the string and catching it again.

At least from what I can tell. It kind of seems like Brett and Harold are doing something different. Same concept, just something seems to be changed.

Do a red triangle, throw the loop over so it twists, and catch it. Throw it back over and catch so you are back where you started. Repeat.

Aw man. I have to learn red triangle? grrr…

Not to thread jack, but does anyone know how to get into the triangle to start the snap combo thing that Harold Owens does?

Start in a trapeze, then open the loop on your non-throwhand and grab the string attached to your throwhand and pull through. Then start the 360 suicides or snaps or revolving suicides…or 3D suicides or whatever you want to call them, haha.

That isn’t the exact way to do it the way he does but it is basically what he is doing, if you are reffering to the video posted above.

Edit: just watched the video again. He does what I said above but he rolls to his non-throw hand side to create a twist so the loop he throws will swing around easier.

Ok, so it’s just a red triangle with a twist? That sounds easier than it looks. Thanks for the help!