Hard to land the last loop into the string w/ Double Or Nothing


Whenever I try to do the Double Or Nothing trick, It’s hard to land the last loop onto the string to create a cliff if you know what I mean. Based on how I put my finger apart it’s either too short or too long. I can’t get it down, any tips?


just keep working at it it it took me months to learn double or nothing when i was working on the trick.


To practice the second part, land a trapeze, swing the yo-yo over your TH, and let it swing over your NTH. (Watch 0:50 to 1:00 in this video http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/033-advanced-matrix.html). As for how far apart your fingers should be, you can’t really teach this and after practicing it for a while you’ll just start to feel it, but I’ll usually intercept the string about 1/3 of the way and adjust them if I need to. Other than that, like abby said, just practice and you’ll get it. Good luck.