Happy Birthday to the YoyoExpert himself, Andrè!

Happy birthday Andrè! Without you, this awesome store and forum wouldn’t exist. Your tutorials were the reason I got into yoyos in the first place. One of your signature throws, the Trinity, was my first highend throw about 4 years ago, and I still cherish it to this day! Have an awesome one!

Happy Birthday Andre!

Your contribution to the community is tremendous. Without you, many of us might not still be in the game.

Anyways, Happy Birthday!!!

He’s my favorite yo-yoer ever. Happy Birthday Andrè!

happy birthday Andre. I wish you well on your future endeavors with A2Z and anything else you put your mind too.

Happy birthday Andrè!!!

I don’t know what I would do without you or this website.

Take it easy on your Birthday, go out and have fun! Happy Birthday to the owner of the best yoyo website ever! And oh not to forget, Happy Birthday to the owner of the best toy store around!

Happy Birthday André, buy yourself something nice…like a Science and Learning store!


Happy Birthday Andre! Thank you for creating this awesome website and contributing so much to the yoyo community

Happy Birthday Andre!!! Thanks for everything as well. Nobody can ever say it enough.

Happy birthday sir.

Happy Birthday! go have fun or something! and eat cake! cause you know, that’s the best part of a birthday! ;D

Happy Birthday!

How old is the big guy turning today?

The big 30!

Happy birthday, André

Grammer nazi he put the little dot above the E and everything. BTW how do you do that little dash thing I cant even fin it on my keyboard

Hold ALT, type 130 on the numeric pad, let go of ALT.

é wow that is really cool I never new that thank you

Happe birthday again André

Happy Birthday Andrè!

Héppé Bérthdéy André!


On a Windows machine, hold the Alt key and type “0233” on the keypad. Doesn’t work with numbers along the top row for whatever reason. Or you can open a character map and copy-paste it.

It’s an acute accent symbol, not a dot. :wink: