Happy Birthday Metal Man!!


it is metal mans birthday today so happy birthday metal man!!! hope you have a good birthday!!!

(202andrew) #2

happy B-day Matt!!!


Happy Happy

(Yo!It'sMatt) #4

Happay Birfday matt.


Happy Birthday!!!


Have a great and awesome birthday Matt! :wink:


thx and i did… I GOT A ANNODIZING SET!!!


Happy Birthday!

What do you mean? If you mean you got a setup to annodize yoyo’s, I heard that can be fairly dangerous. I’m not sure if it’s completely safe for someone my age to put an electric charge through a yoyo which is inside of an acid solution. :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy Birthday! But one thing about these “Happy Birthday ______” threads is that not EVERYBODY gets one. It was also yokaiyo’s birthday and he didn’t get a thread :(. There should be a stickied thread in unrelated discussion specifically for these kinds of threads.


Fashionably late O0 happy birfday Matt.