Happy Birthday ed!


again with the birthday! good for you :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday!!


Happy birthday Ed! A fixed axle legend!

(major_seventh) #4

Happy Birthday! You inspire me :slight_smile:


Happy birthday, Ed! Hope you get to chill with some sweet throws and cold beverages today!


Happy Birthday! Matter of fact, are we meeting tomorrow? People might bring you gifts! ^.^ :stuck_out_tongue:

(ed) #7

Ha! Thanks Kevin (and everybody). It’s been a super-great day.

I think so, yeah, but unfortunately I can’t make it. Got all the kiddies tomorrow while the wifey sleeps off a night shift.


Happy Birthday, Ed. I hope you had a great day, and you know, party simply :wink:


Same birthday home slice ;). Nothing better than surfing the YYE forums and watching some NCAA basketball. Hope your birthday was as good as mine. I think I might just have to go throw a little now. (I have a wife but no kids so I have that kind of freedom)
Happy Birthday Ed


Happy Birthday!! :slight_smile:

Wait you mean at Hobbytown? I went last week! Now I can’t go cause I’m sick but whatever :-\


I’ll try to go,