Happeh Birthdeh


Oh his birthday isn’t todeh, it’s tommorow. I just had to be first. This ones for you.

on a technicality, it is tomorrow already in some countries. So, I kindah win.

Wub yuew bro<3

here’s something I think you’ll like

/\ /\

That is supposed to be a pony. I know you like ponies, dubstep, and yoyo’s. I’ve seen people draw yoyo’s to many times. and I don’t know how to draw dubstep, so I decided that I would make a pony. Pretend it looks like a pony.

Say happeh birthday to the coolest thing since gelatin desert.

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Gosh where to begin.

Trace, Jacob, Happy apple bucking birthday to you sir.

I feel that I would be a very different person had it not been for you introducing me to the awesomeness that is Ponies. And you starting the Brony revolution here on YYE is something that is truly amazing, and although not all of the bronies here on yye would say it, we all feel great gratitude for what you did for us.
So for that, I thank you.

Another year, will surely bring lots more adventures, laughs, and hay, more bronies. All promoting friendship and love among everyone. Something truly awesome for the community.

If fluttershy were here, she would give her signature “you rock! woohoo” for sure.

Happy Birthday bro, and many many brohooves to you!

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Appreciate it guys. C=

Happy Birthday Trace! ;D
If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have known about the ponies. And the ponies are what started me drawing. So it was you I have to thank for helping me start drawing! THANK YOU!
I think we need to throw you a Party! Pinkie Pie Style :slight_smile:

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My bro did a good job of throwing me one with all the balloons and other such things in my room now. C=


Happy Birthday.

Hope you have a good birthday Trace. :slight_smile:

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omg ima join skype jist 4 that!!!1111!!!1!!!111!!

add carlgelfand.

ill bring you into the call

HAPEH BIRFDEH!! By the way this is how you draw dubstep- DUBSTEP

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It’s your birthdeh you can cry if you want to, but you shouldn’t because it’s your birthdeh…

happeh, happeh birfday twace!!!

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I can cry on any day of the week if I want to because no one’s going to mess with a big kid like me when crying. (It’d be awkward…)

Good point