why did they shut down? last I saw someone got a tattoo of their logo…

I was wondering that too. I’ve only tried one hamstring that I got with a yoyo off of the bst but I loved it. I was looking into buying more but the only place I could find them was on some UK website. I also went to their website and they had no Hamstring.

My friend was wondering that too! If anybody has some, even just loose strings, message me because I will take them! Im trying to get more for my friend, since he found out about a month ago they closed up shop

I think I remember a note on their website mentioned something about life getting busy. Also that they may start again if time permits in the future.

He has a problem with one of his legs. I don’t if it was an accident or (?), but it has been messing up his ability to stand around and walk around for hours; making string. And his injury complicated everything else in his life. He said if and when his situation improves; he may make string again. But right now he has to deal with his condition. I am pretty sure he mentions this on his Hamstring website.

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Oh. I hope he gets better soon. There are a lot of people who really like his string.

Hey guys. Matt recently underwent surgery on his leg. Due to this he can not make strings because he is an indie (independent) company. He apologizes greatly. Also, his life was very busy. Hospital bills and things like that lowered his budget to make string. I hope this answers everyone’s questions.

I miss them…