Hampton Roads Va Throwers! Where are you? Wanna meet up?

This is an import from elsewhere to get the word out. Hope some of you guys are here as well. As well as PMing me, if you have faceboob add me www.facebook.com/elbueno. State that you’re from the forums. Hope I can get some interest here. Thanks.

Hey guys, of course like none of you know me. I’m Alvin, 22 ODU student and from Va Beach. I got the idea after hanging out with YoMasterJon, to maybe start somewhat regular meets in the Hampton Roads area. He told me there used to be meets somewhere, but it kinda died out. I thought it was actually quite fun to actually hang out with another thrower for once and thought “Hey, it’d be nice to meet the others that throw in the area.” I know everyone might be busy, which is why I say semi-regular. Or at least once ever. It’s getting nice out again and getting closer and closer to summer time. For some sooner than others.

So, first and foremost. How many of you guys out there? How many still in the area? Interested in meeting up?

I propose of all the days to meet Saturday being the best, for obvious reasons. School, work, whatever.

Now for location, for me, ODU really sticks out. Norfolk seems to be like the center of the Hampton Roads area. It does help that I pretty just need to get out of bed and I’m there. Any other suggestions? The only other spot that comes to mind for me is Lynnhaven Mall, but the malls are always to crowded on Saturdays. Which is one reason I say ODU. It’s pretty chill on the weekends and a pretty open campus.

So, again hello everyone and hope we can make something happen.

i live in hampton and im trying to meet up with some fellow throwers. i live near north armistead ave.

I’m in Norfolk. I’d love to have a group here.

Hey, my name’s Evan. I met you(Alvin) at ches. square mall with Jon, Luke, Mikhail and others awhile back. I live in Portsmouth and I’m definitely down for some meetups! I sent you a friend request btw.

You spelled Facebook wrong… :-X

Hope the club goes well!