hammer throw

I throw the hammer in highschool. i was wondering if there was anyone else that throws hammer or shot put or discus at all or if they have ever done it.

what is hammer throwing

Ask Thor…

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or my dad…


oh har har :p… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQNSJ1xwFXE … thats hammer throwing. its not a very well known sport but i love it


Waaaaay back in high school I Threw the discus and shot put. Discus always made me dizzy. Hammer throwing has a much more intense spin I see. I wish my school had that back then.

Believe it or not (not sure how they are made today) my discus had a metal outer ring, Then wood core with a metal hub. Old I know.

How heavy are the hammers.

nice! nothing has changed really i still threw with the same discs as you did. I only really throw hammer now cuz thats my best and favorite.

Hammers vary really. A normal highschool hammer is 12lbs, but last year i competed at Youth worlds (for kids 17 and under) where we threw a 5k hammer (like 11lbs), and this year i have Junior worlds (for kids 20 and under) where ill be throwing the 6k hammer (like 13lbs). Men throw a 16lb hammer at the olympics and college and such.

er…how about javelins?