GWAY Trick Tutorial - G-Lent Slack Pop GT

The first GWAY Throws tutorial is here!

Check it out and learn the G-Lent Slack Pop GT with Hayden; step by step is in the video description.

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Nice trick! I’m always happy to add some new moves to my yocabulary! Perfect length tutorial to learn before work. Needs to be cleaned up but I got the yocabulary and that’s what I’m here for!


Oh snap!

You took that up really quickly, nice job dude!

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I’m so used to mirroring videos in another tab, and I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working, turns out you’re already left handed… :man_facepalming:t2::joy: Great tut man easy to follow and good instruction without over explaining everything. Gonna see if I can knock this one out at lunch


Lol I was reading the text backwards and was like ooo dang the leftys gotta do this all the time sry y’all

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Dude it’s a skill now. I can literally read backwards writing like nobody’s business

Being a lefty is like playing a game on “Advanced Mode”