Gulf Coast Classic Houston Texas [Canceled]

Hello All!

The Gulf Coast Classic is official! Set the date in your calendars for April 4th, 2020 Oct 2nd 2021 in Houston, Texas. Come back here as more details are revealed…

EDIT 1. Facebook event page has launched! Redirecting...

Edit 2: Website launched…

EDIT 3: The Banger Battle is STILL ON!

EDIT 4: Due to Coronavirus, the Gulf Coast Classic is officially postponed. Please follow up here once the national status is on the mend, and a new date is announced. I greatly apologize and I hope you look towards the announcement of the new date.

EDIT 5 (June 21,2021) : We’re back, baby!!

EDIT 6 (Aug 30th) And we’re canceled…


San Antonio. Stand the :zap::zap::zap::zap: up.

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Bring the heat man!

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FB event page has launched -

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Website has been Launched!

Check out the Venue!

And I’ll update more as more comes…

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Oh! And New logo too!! :smiley:


LOTS of new stuff happening! Our Registration Page is Live!

Our T-Shirt is also available from on the Registration page and looks like this…

And we’re announcing a Banger Battle!!
please check out that link to explain everything, visit the registration page to sign up and get your T-Shirt!!


What about tickets for non-participants? Can we purchase additional shirts?
Just wanna be sure my family is covered😉

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Anything for spintop? Asking for a friend.

Yep! Should all be there… The only difference would be the T-Shirt. You may have to go through the registration again for another shirt… Let me know if you can’t and I’ll see about adding an option for add’l shirts. Just select no on the competitor part of the registration page.

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If your friend incorporates a yo-yo into it some how I bet they could enter the banger contest? lol

Nothing spintop is planned in terms of contest or exhibition, but there should be a LOT of space to show off some awesome spintop tricks!

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Awesome, thanks!

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It’s with a heavy heart I announce that the Gulf Coast Classic will be postponed until an unknown date due to Coronavirus outbreaks in Houston and the ongoing issues that Covid-19 is expected to make.
The Gulf Coast Classic WILL happen! I just don’t want to risk anyone’s health. This was an INCREDIBLY hard decision. And I greatly apologize to everyone. I hope you all understand how much I do not want to make this post… But please know! As the nation is on the rebound from this we will make announcements as to when the Gulf Coast Classic is happening, and the Quest to crown the WINNER of the Banger Battle will take place!



The Gulf Coast Classic is BACK! Mark your Calendars for the Return of the NYYL!

Gulf Coast Classic will be the first recognized, sponsored, and seeding Regional for the 2022 US National Yo-Yo League. This is the one you do NOT want to miss!

See you in Houston!


All aboard the Hype Train!!!

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added the gif… Too cool! Thanks, @AndreBoulay!

Due to several factors, The Gulf Coast Classic is no more…

Such is life right now.

The right time will come for this again

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