Guile's theme goes with everything YOYOING

Something fun xD

great video but you should work on string visibility

you know, i almost expected this comment to come, thanks for the words but its not that the string isnt visible, it’s just that it’s red and i was wearing a red shirt and did not feel like changing it or shooting this all over again…thanks for watching though!

Nice video, but I gotta agree with the string comment.

The thing is. red isn’t exactly photo/video friendly as a color, and as a result, it tends to be a dark color and it will get easily lost. So, it’s not the shirt, it’s string color itself. Although red on red isn’t exactly helping anything either.

I’ve seen other videos you’ve done. You’re clearly having a good time at it. Don’t stop throwing OR making videos. Just keep your string color as a consideration. I don’t video myself, but I’m finding I like neon green string the best of what I have because it seems to help me see where the string is better than plain white.

thanks, i’m not gonna lie i did this video for fun, saw Magl33to do a hula video with guiles theme and got inspired, plus red is the color of…AMERICA!!!

lol thanks for watching and keep an eye out for something serious eventually

It’s all about fun anyways, which your videos always bring anyways.

So, if you’re going to do something serious, it better be some serious fun!

always, thanks again for watching!