Groove Kendama?

Has anyone heard of, played with, or own a Duncan Groove Kendama? I know they’re still pretty new, not many stores (if any) actually have it in stock yet. I recently purchased one but feel like an “early pioneer” to it as there’s not a lot of info out there, just a lone Youtube video of it in action.

You can think of it as the fusion of a fixed axle yoyo and a kendama. Have any of you guys tried one of these? Thoughts on it? Tips on using it?

Jeebs, the ken has a really funky shape to it. How’s it feel?

I believe the funky shape is to help the ball balance on it for certain tricks.

We have one of those. It’s fun to try to do some fixed axle tricks mixed with kendama but it’s more of a novelty in the end. It’s not the best yo-yo, and it’s not the best kendama, but it’s fun to play with.

Takeshi can do some pretty cool tricks with it, I know he uses it somewhere on his instagram if you look through. @takeshi_kamisato

Wait… So should we call it a yodama or a Kenyo? This looks interesting.

I jokingly call it a “Yo-Dama”

Like YYE Garrett mentioned, it’s fun but not anything to be taken real serious. Not the best fixed axle yoyo (maybe the thickness of the axle has to do with it), and not the easiest kendama to work with. Still worth checking out though and have in your collection.