Grind Machine

I just got my grind machine neon in the mail, and I am so excited, but does anyone know how to unscrew the thing?

Twist it apart, just like any other yoyo.

Left for loose and right for tight. Do not over tighten.

Unscrew it. It’s simple.

Well ya but I can’t unscrew it I have a one and i can unscrew that fine but I even had my dad do it but he couldn’t do it??? so do all the grind machines unscrew?

Yes, they all unscrew. Make sure you’re unscrewing it the right way. And you must be quite weak…no offense. Seriously, don’t be offended. I don’t want to be mean.

None taken…Do you have a grind machine and do you have to take the hubstacks off to unscrew it???

I don’t have any problems taking my GM apart.

And you don’t have to remove the hub stacks.

I guess I just have a bad GM

wrap one of your hands around each end, and twist your left hand forward and your right hand back. It may be quite tight from the factory. Just be sure you are twisting it the right way, then really torque it.

Yes, I have a Grind Machine. No, you don’t need to take the hubstacks off. Just so you know, the factory makes the yo-yos come screwed really tight. Try wearing rubber or latex gloves while unscrewing it.

I just bought Grind Machine Neon Collection. It won’t unscrew at all. I am unscrewing it right in anti-clockwiise direction like I do for all other yoyos. It is very very very tight. I don’t think one need to be superman to unscrew this, so something wrong with these yoyos. I have seen someone else complain too on Amazon about same issue.

It’s what you get for buying yoyofactory.


Mine was like that too.

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@Yonut - Did you ever got around to unscrew it? Or it remained like that.

I returned it…

Mine was incredibly tight at first, we could not take it apart. I then used it for a while but actually needed to unscrew it. make sure that you have a good grip though…

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Thanks. My friend unscrewed it for me.