grind machine help

So I just started throwing not to long ago so I’m not to sure about some parts that I need. I recently got some parts from a grind machine, I have the shell, 2 hub stacks, and the black O-rings. Can someone tell me what all I need to fix it or is it even possible to find the parts I need?I would like to keep the hub stacks on it if possible, if not that’s fine to. Thank you in advance for anyone who helps.

When you say shell do you mean just the yo-yo itself? The grind machine comes with the two yo-yo halves which are held together by an axle (either 20 or 25mm I believe) and two PGM posts that fit like a hex nut on either side for the axle to screw into.  You should also have a size C bearing and two 21mm broad pads installed.

For the hubstacks you’ll need two size A flat bearings, two o-rings, and two hubstacks.  Bearings goes on the post first, then the o-ring, then the hubstack.

axle and PGM posts:

size A and size C bearings:

21mm broad pads:

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yes, I was meaning the two halves of the yoyo itself, and thank you for the help