Grind Machine bearing?

I recently ordered the Plastic Grind Machine and saw that you can’t take off the bearing, because the spacer is built in. I was wondering if its possible to take the spacer and bearing off and if it would hinder my play at all. And if I am able to take off the spacer, how am i supposed to do that. Thanks!

The spacer and bearing can come out. However, you do need both the two spaces AND the bearing to use the PGM.

Needle Nosed pliers!

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I had this problem as well I found that the best solutuion was to use a Swiss Army knife/pocket knife. try cutting in between the bearing and the spacer. The only problem is the fact you can cut your self but other than that it works well. Good luck

Exactly what i do! i wedge the knife in between the spacer and the bearing and push blade down onto a table or hard surface opeing the gap between the bearing and the spacer.

wedge a knife in between the bearing and spacer all around, and pull it off

if you take the spacer out and put it back in the other half and push it against something hard you won’t have this problem any more because it will be “pressed fit”. or at least that worked for me although i’m not sure this is the case for everyone so try this at your own risk.

Like the others said u can wedge either a knife or thin screwdriver and it should come out :wink:

If you’re going to use the “wedge” method, put a cloth, towel or even a paper towel down to provide a bit of friction to help keep the bearing and spacer combination from trying to get away from you.