Grind Machine and Offstring...

(YoYoJoe27) #1

I ordered a YYF Grind Machine and Offstring. Were these good choices? By the way I already have two Sunset Trajectory’s, A Legacy, and a Dark Magic.


It depends. Grind machines are cool because they have hubstacks. Offstrings are a good choice if you do 4A or if you want to try it.


Why do you ask us if they were good choices? They aren’t going to be our yo-yos and they are already being shipped to you. How about we just let you decide if you like them when you get them.

(DOGS) #4

just be warned, the offstring is not really the best for taking a lot of damage

(Mitch) #5

Im guessing you got the PGM… Not bad… And I got an offstring today too… I hear the offstrings break easy, but the PocketChange w/ offstring wings plays great…


I got an offstring and HATED it. That yoyo stinks. Just my 2 cents.