Grind Machine and Offstring...

I ordered a YYF Grind Machine and Offstring. Were these good choices? By the way I already have two Sunset Trajectory’s, A Legacy, and a Dark Magic.

It depends. Grind machines are cool because they have hubstacks. Offstrings are a good choice if you do 4A or if you want to try it.

Why do you ask us if they were good choices? They aren’t going to be our yo-yos and they are already being shipped to you. How about we just let you decide if you like them when you get them.

just be warned, the offstring is not really the best for taking a lot of damage

Im guessing you got the PGM… Not bad… And I got an offstring today too… I hear the offstrings break easy, but the PocketChange w/ offstring wings plays great…

I got an offstring and HATED it. That yoyo stinks. Just my 2 cents.