Grey Bip Bop Cliff

Anybody know how many were released to the public? Were they only available through CLYW website? I’m getting one in a trade and am curious to know more about it.

There is also one in the prize section for the trading cards. It’s Bip Bop :slight_smile:

I hope it hasnt been won yet…

Usually they make 6 or 10 bip bops I think.

10 made and only sold thru clyw website I had one then traded it away but am getting it back

Awesome. Thanks for the info!

I think only 9 were actually sold

ya I may be wrong but I have a feeling Chris keeps 1 Bip Bop from every return top he makes

I didnt know how many were sold thats why I said 10 made and only sold thru clyw store because I didnt know the amount that were sold but I have one so its all good I cannot wait for the black bip bop cliffs to drop