Greetings from Lake Superior

Hey everyone!

Some of my favorite tricks - captured while at Lake Superior/Gooseberry Falls up at Castle Danger, MN. (temps ranging from -26F to +8F!)

Mostly old favorites/combos, but a couple of new concepts (see: fireplace)

Graphics and filming by my lovely wife, Bri Brewster -

Music is by Explosions in the Sky -

Check it on my blog:

Return-Top used is the Adam Brewster edition Arctic Circle by CLYW of

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Love the new vid : )

Made my day! Explosions In The Sky was a nice touch…

Awesome as always, Adam! My compliments to Bri as well-- great filmmaking.

That was soo good!

Loved it!

Watched again. Might have to bookmark this one.

Thanks everyone! This was probably my favorite video to make since ‘Eleven’
I had a blast and am pumped to get to share a small piece of that with you all!

Nice vid man. I bet it felt awesome in the scene where you were inside haha