great mind think alike...

Well, this afternoon (afternoon in my country that is, when I’m at work), I saw this review;,41683.0.html

I kinda surprise about the shape, not that I don’t like it, I really love unique shape. but its similar to what I’ve been working on as my next yoyo design, here what i can show you;

Similar? what do you think? this is one that I call Angkara.

And No… No… I don’t mean to confront the maker of Rage of Achill yoyo for the design, I don’t even know the guy, never exchanging idea of yoyo design, I’ve working on the design without knowing the Rage of Achill yoyo even existed until now.

What I want to say is people should chill when they see similar yoyo design, it happens.
it may stand for the same concept, it may design for similar design goal, it may have similar properties, and so on.
But accusing someone for plagiarism before knowing the full story is just not right.

while it sadden me that a concept I’m working on is already done by someone else, it make me laugh, why? because it happen. and the concept has been proved that it worked.
Great mind thinks alike?
well, in that case, I’m Great… no… I’m not great at all.

So, what do you think?

I like your design better. The other one is too industrial looking. Hard angles. Doesn’t look comfortable. Yours does have a lot of similarities but with angles that flow together better, it looks more user friendly.

If I had to choose either, I’d choose yours. It doesn’t look like the string is gonna get caught on the wall.

It looks like 2012 is gonna be the year of the extreme H-shapes.

There’s only so many shapes and variations you have to work with, and most people are somewhat influenced or inspired by what came before. There’s bound to be overlap.

Great minds do think alike!

I remember a few years ago when Hspin, YYF and Jaco from Alchemy all came up with H profile at the same time. Bizarre, but it happens!

Hey, I designed something like this too…

When I look at these two yo-yos I don’t feel like i’m looking at the same thing at all.
If you look around at whats out there there are a lot of yoyos that have the same basic shape, there are certain designs that are popular and work so everyone uses them with their own little twist. I do in fact think I’m basically looking at the same yoyo sometimes, in terms of shape. In my opinion two throws could have almost identical design but be different by one little thing and it makes all the difference in the world. The slope of the curves could be a bit different , the walls slightly higher or the edge rounded on one and flat on another. These types of small things really change the design feel and yours is VERY different compared to this other. Yes the basic H shape is there in both but I would not clump these two yoyos into the same category if I were shopping for a new one.

Don’t get discouraged man, your design is sweet. Plus in every art form out there the more you do it the more you will come into your own and make things that are distinctly yours.

P.S. what program do you use to design it?

Ya I feel this is absolutely fine and people shouldn’t freak out. These are actually not to alike. The one in the review very closely resembles an Envy64, and yours maybe a less wide stalker a bit? Either way they both look awesome and there are only so many reasonable possible ideas, so stay chill my friends.

I use solid works.

Well, yes, I’m quite happy that everyone is being supportive about some yoyo design, this design may see the light of the day in the future. One design made that were proven work well, many will tweak it to match certain preference. As many player has different preference, just the slightest tweak may make everything better, or even worse. Even so, everyone should stay creative on their design, in order to avoid plagiarism, line by line, adjustment by adjustment, tweak by tweak, and cut by cut.

Basic same shape is not always end up as same yoyo, but same concept.
People may take a different approach on the concept.

For me to make this design into reality, it may take more time than just 2012, because I have other project already. Some of you people may already hear about the Angkasa, it will be going to second prototyping process.

How do you think of that design?

I like it a lot. I have to say that style is really starting to grow on me