Great bimetals f/s

I have some great yoyos im hoping to sell because they are either duplicates or I dont have time to throw them. I am also very much in need of cash. So here we are. Ill ship anywhere for free. Im accepting PayPal F&F, CashApp, and Zelle. Please refer to my feedback link at the top if you have concerns. All yoyos are Mint, some are still brand new, none have any kind of damage. If you would like to see more detailed close up pictures feel free to ask.

YoyoWorkShop Redacted VonBoom Edition - $0LD
Duncan GTR - $80
MK1 × OPYY - Converge #14/30 - $OLD

C3yoyodesign - Galaxy Dinosaur $old
Yoyorecreation Anomaly Limited Edition - $120
Yoyorecreation Sputnik $150

Yoyofriends Pheasant 2023 -$120
Yoyofriends Peregrine Brass $90
Yoyofriends Nucleon - $01D

Unparalleled Seji - $80
SUS - T/M Cross Ratio - $100
Sengoku - Shinobi $100

Turning Point - Untangle - $100
LEP - Martian - $100
W1LD - W!LD - $100

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Oh man that Redacted Von Boom edition :hot_face:

Should be priced easily at $175

Not only rare but one of my favorite yo-yos of all time. First one I’ve seen for sale on here.

Bro you wouldn’t believe how many times thats been passed up, gotta love stupid people :sweat_smile:…ive actually got another one or else no chance i would let it go

Hey Ed trying to contact you about payment sent. Message me when you get this

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