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I read on a post one day during the summer was that you should try different companies and different style of throws because not every throw is the same. When i started out last summer i was blind to different feelings from different throws in the same brand but i now realize the difference between throws and love every one i have from my Gnarwhal to my first throw, a YYF whip. (that i still use because its fun) I have branched out from my YYF’s to Duncan and Yomega’s to CLYW’s to Crucial and One Drops. I love every one of them but my favorite is my Gnarwhal. Mostly because i have been waiting for it for about 5 months.

But what i’m trying to say is you should respect every throw the same and i have found that out now.


If I don’t play almost every throw I have I offer them back out in to the wild (unless sentimental reason prohibit). Throw what you love and love what you throw.


Tru dat. I really do enjoy all the throws in my pitiful collection. I also feel the need to branch out from my normal style/brand, but that is sorta hard for me to do sometimes.


Yes out of the three brands I’ve ever tried I like them all for different things


I like and NEED variety.

Unless one has a compelling need to stick with a single brand, DO NOT stick with a single brand. But, if you’re into playing AND collecting as I am(I PLAY what I collect, it’s not collecting merely for collectiing), I try not to restrict myself. If I want it, I get it.

My only exception is Werrd, as I’m completely put off by that brand thanks to the antics of one of their sponsored players as he went out to attack me on my Facebook page and someone else. Since Werrd has not spoken out against this behavior(it’s been 2 weeks now, and they’ve been contacted directly unless my email bounced or was filtered out), I take this as condoning such behavior, and as such, I will no longer consider Werrd a brand I personally will purchase. I was going to get an Irony, Irony JP, Poo, Hour and Sentinel, but I won’t now.

HOWEVER, having said that, I do no wish for my personal boycott to be used as an excuse for others to avoid Werrd. I do have two Werrd throws, the TFL and 4XL, which I do like a lot and were purchased before I joined Facebook. I’ve also played the Irony and I REALLY wanted that one. I mean, I wanted it BAAAD! I still do, but I can’t now. They make amazing stuff. I just have to stand my ground on this one.

Each brand and each model brings something different. Not everything works for everyone, regardless of brand and model. We should, when we can, try as much as we can and discover what works best for us. But, as I’ve said before, I don’t just collect to collect, I play them too. There’s no joy in simply having it. I have to enjoy it too. If I didn’t, I’d get rid of it.

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For a minimalist, that sure is a lot of quotes that say the same thing :wink:

(I’m just joshin’!)

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