Got some nifty stuff for sale/trade


I’ll start by saying everything here has been played with so nothing is in mint condition. If there’s something you’d like more detailed images of let me know and I’ll be happy to message them to you. Everything does play extremely well, most have very minor marks, a few a little heavier.

First row: h5Xchief, h5Xchief, level 6, ta-1, duncan crew mayhem
second row: puffin 1, arctic circle 1, echo 2, bape 2
third row: cascade, delrin severe, delrin octave 3(not sure of actual name), 2013 superstar, 401k

as far as trades going i’m really looking for maxbets, but i’m open to offers. money works too, message me if you want to negotiate prices.

gracias amigos


how much would you sell the puffin for? Sadly I can’t afford any new yoyos now, but if you’re still selling it in a few weeks I’d be really interested.


both h5Xchiefs are gone. puffin, ac1, and cascade are gone


Oh well. How much do most people sell them for do you think? I don’t know what the original price was.


Try to refrain from posting in BST threads…


Sorry. I’ll pm the author. (oops I posted again :slight_smile:

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