Clyw sale!


need to sell these!!!
Polished chief!!! Sold
Bvm2 fg and I have no idea why. Sold
Cascade! One ding. Still pretty smooth. $60
Fg Avalanche. Has some marks. $60.
fg puffin 1 $60
Fg Cryo bonfire mib $80
Advanced scout. Mib. Offer.
Text me at 408-335-3075 for more pics, info, and a much faster response




Bump. Also have vape gear to trade to anybody interested and able to prove their age. Authentic brass cartel boss and tugboat v2


will add cash for good trades


Need these gone. Take both for 85!


Hey, you can only bump your post once per day, forum rules :wink:


Oops. My bad. It was kinda thrown off with a 2 am bump and a late afternoon bump.

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