looking to trade some of these for something new. Some things im looking for are
BVM 2! (hulk smash or 1st run)(BIG WANT)
First Run Chief (black or minty mint)
bonfire (7075 Hulk Smash or maiderade would be chill but offer any)(BIG WANT)
peak (i dont want a peak thats gonna cost me everything i own lol)
orca (Lost In Space Or Iceberg) (BIG WANT)
Scout! (BIG WANT)
canvas (Hulk Smash or the walrus one would be cool)
Puffin 2 (Maybe originals idk) (Hulk Smash,Maiderade, Berry Berry)
Gold Nugget OG Avalanche (No Other)
other clyw that i dont have! ( no bvm1s,chiefs(besides 1st), or Summits)
09 Severe (capped) (BIG WANT)
Grind Machine 2 (BIG WANT)
Vs Newton Skywalker (BRING ME ONE I MISS MINE)

Idk just offer

Chief - 28 Stories has a couple dings and scratches nothing bad. very smooth

Avalanche - Original Berry Berry colorway. 2 small dings and a couple scratches. missing one snow tire

Gnarwhal - i think its a gnarhwal 2. good amount of marks and small vibe. still plays solid.

YYR Reclash 44 Clash Ed. - has a vibe problem when not tuned. right now i have it at a small vibe. besides that and some slight ano wear theres not any damage.

Cascade - Wasteland Ed? couple dings and some marks. dead smooth though.

Too HOT - about 4 small dings. dead smooth

Juvenile Offender - One side was satined raw the other is still part silver. good yoyo but needs a ano

Shoot me offers

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