Got my video up!!!

Thanks, yours was really good too!

Awesome vid dude. Hope you win! I love tobymac also, have you seen his new album??
-God Bless! Crew 24/7 lol

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Thanks bro. And I LOVE HIS NEW ALBUM! :smiley:
Do you have any favorites?

Who needs hubstacks anymore. Great vid I’d vote 4 u if we could.

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wow that was awesome!!

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Thanks guys! Glad you liked it! ;D

Yep Toby Mac is very talented just like you DJKei.

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Thanks bro! :smiley:

yea let’s c: tonight, funky Jesus music, showstopper, city on our knees and basically the rest of them…I have a shirt signed by him and his band!

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Sweet! I love those songs too. And you’re so lucky for the t-shirt.

I’m thinking about making a vid and using showstopper as the song.

Good choice. Cant wait to see it.


man that was awesome!!!

Thanks!!! I got a honorable mention! Winners are up!