GoPro!YYJ! C3! YYF! 3YO3! and more! LF: beat clyw, yyf, onedrop,delrin plastics!

Hey there! Lookin for some new throws, I might be willing to sell but im mostly looking to trade.
Any clyw, dont really care too much about the condition
yyf supernovas, genesis, avantgardes, 888,
onedrop dang, yfactor,58, caferacer
anything really, offer!

What I have (worst of damage is always pictured):
Magic yoyo t5: half purple half red, a couple of minor scuffs, no vibe, really smooth, plays kind of like a recrev attune. Come with box.
YYF: Popstar teal, so fun! scuffs on the rim, dont really affect play, no vibe, comes with box
C3 Speedaholic:Awesome plastic, a couple of scratches, small vibe, really fun, comes with box GONE
YYJ Classic: Blue and White, signed by eric koloski (signature has faded just a little from play), one or two minor scuffs, dead
smooth, no vibe, amazing throw, unresponsive with box
3YO3 cosmo: one chip, doesnt affect play, beautiful throw, needs new silicone, amazing landon balk design. GONE
Yomega GlowWing: custom paint job, modded to be semi unresponsive.
GoPro: comes with 20 or so mounts, including rollbar and handlebar mount, will only trade for something real nice! Dont lowball! PENDING
Pic can be seen here!!!
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