Google Hangouts


I’m not sure if this is in the right section; if not, then move it please.

I’ve been pretty lonely lately so I’m contemplating on having a Google+ Hangouts session. Anybody want to? I prefer this over Skype because everyone can have their webcam on. But we could always Skype if it’s too much of a hassle.

I’m 15 years old. I actually don’t really mind who I chat with. As for you guys, I really don’t know. Also, would 5:00PM Pacific Standard Time do? This is because some people live in New York, while others live in San Francisco. Maybe every Saturday or Friday since some have to go to school or have a job.


I have seen other posts like this. But, you may want to provide a bit more information. I think adults would deem it appropriate to webcam with adults, teens with teens, and younger kids with other younger kids. Sometimes, people are specific about gender with hangouts too, but I see you are a male in your profile. Your age is not listed. You may also indicate if you are looking to keep the hangout yo-yo related or just general subject matter. I think if you fill in the gaps, you might get more response from the right audience. Take care.


Yeah please include some details… i might join as well :slight_smile:


Fixed it. Tell me if you need more info. I’m really horrible at organizing.