FaceTime Meets?

Anybody wanna meet up on FaceTime? If you have another program that more than one person could throw, please recommend it.

If you wanna FaceTime, send me a request here: yoyojam.yoyo@yahoo.com

No one?

Google hangouts seems like something you can use for this kinda thing.

I could face time it up.

Anyone wanna FaceTime? PM me :slight_smile:

How about 7pm EST thursday?


sure :slight_smile:

I also am available for iMessage! Send me message here:


I had a fun time on FaceTime! See you tomorrow!

Sure man! :slight_smile:

Bahmp more people to throw with?

Had fun with modman10

Texted you!

Texted back. Had fun with Tx3x1



Had fun with Myself

EDIT: Just realized how wrong that sounds (/.)

I wasn’t fun?

yeah but I couldn’t even see you :stuck_out_tongue: and “myself” is a forum member lol.