Online yoyo club


I was just wondering if anyone wanted to start meeting once a week through video chat online. Anyone from ages 12 to 16. Just lookin for a place to yoyo with other people. If interested feel free to PM me or post below


I do FaceTime meets.


Yeah, but that’s one on one. If we did google+, you could do up to like 11.


Lets do it! It would be fun. Im 12, so it would be awesome. Also, Google+ is better, you can do more peeps


Ok. So here we go. Google+ sounds good. We can do 9 people do

  1. Logi
  2. Jjs77as6533
  3. shen703
  4. Bunin
  5. Modman10
  6. Elluzion
  7. Chrisbeatsyoyo?
  8. Yoyojordan
  9. Abby1317


What is everybodys google +?


Is the age restriction set in stone


i’ll do it but what times would we meet


Can you use your G-Mail account for that? I’m normally tech-savvy but idk about google…


I’m in.


Ages12-16? Okay, thanks for including everyone *tear


do not worry the age restriction is not set in stone I am 13 and I just didn’t want 30 and 40 year olds if only one person responded. I apologize for the confusion


no, it is not set in stone. Any age is welcome. Pm me with a google+ account if you are interested


Everyone pm me with your google+




Sure! Sounds like fun! I’m 13, so yeah. Put me down please!


I’m in




LIST FILLED. Times that work have been added to each person.


Update with time zones.