Goodbye collection

Yo I’m selling pretty much my whole collection except like 5 yo-yos so lemme know if you interested…

Blue K-Os o caps: $20
Worlds black rimmed and red K-Os:$25
401K SD: $50
Gold 888 (no hubstacks): $60
Worlds REd Black Rimmed DM: $35
General Yo 5 Star no Engravings: $60
Higby FHZ: $35
Modded flying squirrel: $7
GLOW Flying Squirrel Modded: $10

Only Cash or checks please…

Holla at me if your interested…or for pics


5star pics?

Pics of the two K-Os’s please and thanks

Yeah pics and would you like a 4gb iPod Mini for a Kos?

will you go any cheaper on the second flying squirrel ???