will pay up to $50

looking for yoyos or yoyo assecories (idk how to spell it) i will pay up to $50
have a bunch of stuff around my house to trade
ie- sport trading cards
wii stuff
nintndo ds
i dont know… lol
you can pm me if you have something to trade me and give a price (or what you want)
thanks xako

Heres what I have:
New Breed
4th Gen. Black Silk

K-os is White with Black HG Material. It has about one bad scrape on it, with nicks here and there. Its siliconed dead unresponsive. Plays great. Includes original O-ring if requested.

Sirius has like one Ding on it. With some small nicks here and there. Its has blue plastic with pink caps. Its siliconed, still a little responsive, silicone hasnt broken in yet. Includes original O-rings if requested.

New Breed is in MINT condition. There are no caps on it in the pictures but I have the caps and they are also in mint condition.

Beat Project: Yes it is a beat Project. NOT A P2. I satined the rims and that took alot of the damage away. Its half pink, half white. Plays great and includes original bearing and 2 Chaz pads.

Silk is signed by forum members. It just has one little ding on it and plays great. It includes Original Bearing, original packaging, extra pads, and a BC Grooved bearing. It has the following names writting on it: Michael, Kall, Joey Genovese.

The damage didnt really show up in the pics of the Sirius so I didnt really bother to try and take pics of the damage. I tried to get the worst of the K-os.

And heres some pics of the New Breed and Project.

Here some pics of the Silk

Silk: $50.00
New Breed: $40.00
Project: $40.00
Sirius: $40.00
K-os: $20.00

will you pay 20 for a grind machine 1 ding and 1 string. ???

Major Necro