Good tutorial video for And Whut?

hey ok so i’ve got pretty much everything down for And Whut except the And Whut hop…I don’t have a clue what you’re supposed to do its confusing ??? does anyone know any good vids for this trick, I really just need a good overhead camera shot of the hop then i think i can get it

Is this what you meant???


I figured it out :slight_smile:

please thank the post then

I saw this video before I posted this so I don’t really think a thanks is in order considering I figured it out without the video…

well, he did try to help so maybe a thankyou would be nice but you shouldn’t just help people to get thankyous.

Yea I think you should thank him after all he tried to help and put his heart and soul in his post. He had to find that vid for you and post it on here. So Just thank him and don’t be selfish.

And finally, I can do it smoothly!