And Whut Help

So, the last vid for and whut, I need to pop the yoyo out of the under mount. But, do I pop out the front or to the back?? :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I know, there is no under mount in And Whut. Are you talking about the GT part? Or the part where you pop around.

He does it at exactly 18 seconds into the video.

if its the third video you are talking about then you pop it in the front and then take the bottom string and pop it over the yoyo and catch it again on the string

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Well, the way André does it is too fast to comprehend. Check out mastermagic, and look at And Whut and check out view two. Basically, the yoyo goes over the front string, back around, and onto the bottom string again - Its quite simple


Thanks for the help every1. ;D

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