And Whut?

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The jump rope hop before the second triangle is really giving me troubles. Is there anyway that some one could help me with that part?


I had thoroughly too, ended up changing the trick, just hopping onto the string in front and ending up in a similar position. Works fine for me, and flows better in my opinion

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^ I’ll try this, but I would still like help with the original method.



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I’ve been throwing for 5 months on and off with large breaks to do magic. Balancing hobbies is hard because when I focus on one the other kinda gets shut out. Maybe that equals two full months of yoyoing by itself, but I’ve been interested in it for 5. Thanks for showing an interest.

Can you help me with the hop?


Keep in mind that you are only hopping the bottom string around the yoyo, and try to control the height of the hop


I tried to learn And Whut at 3-4ish months and I got everything except that one part… I just gave up and stopped trying. Havent attempted it again since. I’ll try again in the next few days


I do the same way as nardcopter. Much easier to do, and has a smooth feel doing it that way.


Try swinging the yoyo around the string, rather than hopping it

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I’ll try this.


It’s one of those moves that you just “get” if that makes sense, kind of like magic drops or boingy-boing (no room to talk because I’ve been throwing for 2 years and can’t do boingy boing). It took me a while to do but don’t get frustrated if you can’t do it, I promise it’ll just “click” eventually. Check out Jason Lee (the creator of And Whut) doing the trick here (first trick in the video). If you watch a lot of his old freestyles, he had many other tricks that had the same exact move. Then, check out the other things you can do from the bucket mount the hop makes  :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys. Finally got it down!


any1 know name of a trick which starts at 0:15?

btw nice video didnt see it be4, a lot of nice tricks :slight_smile: and smoothness of Jason is epic




You have to take the bottom string up and around the yoyo, and land it again.