and whut!>!>!>!

help please! ive watched andres video on the and whut about a billion times. i get to the part like in buddhas revenge and i get the roll and twisting my finger. after that he pulls. i pull and my yoyo dies and knots like none other. can someone post a video or something further explaining it? thanks!

Well, if I remember right, you’re still pretty new to yoyoing. You’ll need quite a bit of practice throwing to get a strong enough sleeper to get it to sleep long enough. Good job at working on tricks though. :wink:

Also I would learn one part, then learn the other part, then combine those in a single combo once you get those down well.

In the case of and whut, you’d learn the houdini drop roll, to the first triangle, then learn the 1.5 white buddha mount and the pop.

But from what you’re describing I can’t really tell what you mean, perhaps you could go into more detail of what you do, or put up a video of you doing it up to the part where it doesn’t work.

Also check other tutorials and watch movies of people doing the trick.

This is from 's tutorials on youtube.

And if you’re having trouble in the pop this video helped me learn it.

If Love182 is using Andre’s videos, then I think the part he’s talking about is around 1:10 of Part 2. It’s where you untwist the string on your throwhand index finger and sort of display the triangle using your freehand index finger.

If that is the part you’re talking about, Love182, then it’s kinda understandable. The yoyo has a tendency to snag when you move the strings like that. I would suggest, as you “pull” the string, to move carefully and slowly, trying to be smooth. Keep trying different movements to find the one that doesn’t make the yoyo snag.

Smoothness is just something that comes with practice, but unfortunately you need it for this trick (either that or an unresponsive yoyo). What I sometimes do is, if I can’t learn a trick, I just move on from it and keep practicing other tricks, then eventually come back to it. More often than not, I’m better at it, because, even if I haven’t been practicing that trick specifically, I have been practicing yoyoing in general.

Dude, Good job on finally “Mastering” the and whut man…
I just figured after congratulating you on the phone 10 minutes ago I’d make it official and do it on yoyoexpert as well :wink:

Are you making sure that the yo-yo goes out in front of the string (as in the side of the string away from you) on the roll? Because it almost sounds like you’re catching the string like in White Buddha when you perform the roll. Just to clarify, after that step, there should be no extra strings in the gap - just the one that’s wrapped around the bearing. If you’ve gotten all of the steps down smoothly up to that point, you shouldn’t have a problem with it spinning out.

thank you everyone! i got it down! ;D
its my first master trick so i am thoroughly happy with myself.
its all thanks to you guys also



again thanks

Just curious, what part were you stuck on?

Congrats man!

i was stuck on the forming of the first triangle. right after the part where you roll it over out of the 1.5 mount. but once i got that and got how to form the first triangle i got the rest pretty quick.

thanks again :smiley: